How to cook sous vide using a water bath

Sous vide cooking is surprisingly simple. Over the last few years, professional chefs and sous vide technologists have been perfecting and simplifying this modernist slow cooking method.

Now, this technology is available for the home cook.

For sous vide cooking, nothing produces such great results as a water bath. The Clifton water bath can maintain a temperature to within 0.2°C, for extremely accurate results.

Guide to cooking sous vide

Sous vide cooking technique

Sous vide cooking is as easy as using any slow cooker, steamer or even oven.

  1. Determine the cooking times and temperatures
  2. Let the water heat up in your Clifton water bath
  3. Vacuum seal the ingredients in a sous vide bag
  4. Place the bag in the Clifton water bath
  5. Cover with the immersion grid to prevent the food rising to the top (lighter items may tend to float)
  6. Leave the food to cook for the desired time at the chosen temperature
  7. Take the food out and sear it to finish if required
  8. Serve!

Sous vide cooking tips

Using a Clifton water bath allows you to experiment with cooking times to get different textures and results. However, here’s some tried and tested tips for a restaurant quality dish.

  • Always use the best quality, freshest ingredients for the best results
  • Make sure to vacuum seal ingredients in a sous vide bag
  • Don’t overfill the pouch – make sure the ingredients lie flat for even cooking
  • Pan fry to finish, if required
  • Freeze your marinades and sauces before using the VS1 Vacuum Sealer, to avoid drawing liquid into the machine
  • Don’t over-vacuum delicate items such as fish – activate the manual seal button to avoid flattening the food item

What should I cook in my sous vide water bath?

Sous vide cooking is ideal for meats, fish, fruits and vegetables – essentially enhancing the naturally delicious flavours of fresh foods. Discover the benefits of sous vide cooking, or why not see how simple it really is, and start out by cooking sous vide chicken breasts?