Sous vide lamb

Cooking lamb sous vide

One common problem when cooking lamb in the oven or in a pan is that the edges dry and become tough and chewy – before the centre is even slightly cooked.

Cooking using the sous vide method allows tougher cuts to break down and tenderise without drying out, for sous vide lamb that literally falls off the bone. The sous vide cooking method will gently heat the meat until it reaches the same temperature throughout – this long cooking time will make meat incredibly tender, whilst retaining its full flavour.

You can cook most cuts of lamb in a water cooker, from chops and diced steak, to rolled joints and racks of lamb. Sous vide lamb is so versatile – enjoy succulent steaks with crispy potatoes and green veg, or cook up a tomatoey Middle Eastern dish served with fluffy couscous or rice.