It’s all about Chicken

Chicken is usually a family favourite – it’s full of protein, keeps you full, doesn’t contain much fat and best of all, it’s an incredibly easy ingredient to work with. We’re celebrating this wonderful meat by sharing some of our favourite chicken recipes, marinades and flavour combos!

There are many benefits to cooking sous vide chicken which includes no fuss cooking – a great benefit for busy evenings and weekends! Plus, you can leave your Clifton at Home water bath on whilst you’re out of the house knowing it’ll be completely safe.

The flavour also becomes a meatier taste because there are no flavours, vitamins or nutrients escaping from the food pouch during cooking. The results will melt in your mouth and you’ll be sure to use your Clifton at Home bath a lot more.

We love our recipes here at Clifton and we’ve put together our top three chicken ones for you to try.

Succulent Sous Vide Chicken with Chilli, Ginger and Spring Onion

Fiery ginger and hot chilli, our spicy dish is a great midweek meal with vegetables or a nice summer salad! It is also acceptable to chop up some potato and have a nice relaxing night with some spicy chicken and chips! Click here to read the recipe.

Oriental Style Sous Vide Chicken Stir Fry

Chinese more your thing? Well, add rice or noodles to this stir fry and prepare to be mind blown over the fact you have made a nice and simple Chinese ‘fakeaway’ in the comfort of your own kitchen – what’s not to like! Click here to read our recipe.

Chicken and Spinach

Healthy, low-carb, but most importantly our chicken and spinach recipe is super quick. All you have to do is pop your chicken into the food pouch and place it into the Clifton at Home water bath at 65°C for 45 minutes. Next, cook your spinach until slightly wilted and combine the two on the plate! Read the recipe here for more info on this light delicious dinner.

One thing sous vide retains, is flavour. Even if you don’t add anything to your food pouch you’ll still have ample amounts of flavour. If you do choose to add some extra flavouring to your food, then we’ve got it all here for you. From toasted herbs, to powdered spices, to sticky marinades – we’ve tried and tested them all. Find our list of flavour combos below and do some experimenting in the kitchen!

Herbs: Traditional toasted herbs such as rosemary, thyme and mixed dried herbs go well with a good old fashioned Sunday Roast, especially roast potatoes and stuffing!

Powdered Spices: Dig those spices out of the cupboard which are hardly used and use them with your sous vide chicken! Start off by using a teaspoon or two per chicken breast depending on how spicy you like things and let the magic happen.

Rubs: Start adding rubs to your chicken! All you need to do is master how much powdered spice you like and add a tiny bit of oil to create a rub! Start with something simple like our paprika rub:

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • ½ tsp garlic powder


Marinades: Marinating chicken breasts in a spicy sauce before or during cooking is just another way to make it even more flavoursome. When using the tabletop vacuum sealer try freezing liquids or sauces first before placing in the pouch. The frozen cubes will slowly melt as the water bath warms the pouch, releasing the liquids and flavour during the cooking process and creating a delicious marinade!

So, sous vide chicken is not only transforming the humble chicken into something tasty and flavourful, it is transforming your mealtimes into something you would order in a restaurant, but can create in your own home! If you would like to read more on sous vide chicken, then click here to go to our sous vide chicken guide.

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