Clifton water bath reviews

Emily Watkins - professional chef“The bath has all the reliable quality as the professional version”

As a user of the Clifton Food Range water baths for over 12 years since their launch, I know how reliable they are.  It has also been amazing to see them develop before I, as a chef, knew they needed it.

The team at Clifton have always been one step ahead of knowing what a chef needs for a reliable, efficient product. I have been honoured to have a sneak preview of their new ‘at Home’ range and am delighted to see the same thought has been put into this range as well.  This bath has all the reliable quality as the professional version, is simple to use but has some excellent extra features for the home chef as well.  They look amazing, are professional but yet attractive and is very efficient on space – it is far less bulky than other domestic baths out there.  It has a really useful alarm system with a detailed message explaining why it has gone off.

All in all I tested loads of different recipes, fish, meat and vegetables, at low and high temperatures for long and short lengths of time and at all times it was 100% reliable.

Emily Watkins – Professional Chef, Kingham Plough, Kingham

“Best ‘at home’ water bath on the market”

We’ve been working with the new Clifton at Home water bath for a couple of months now and can honestly say it’s the best “at home” water bath on the market, gives restaurant quality cooking into your own home, the unit is small and compact so can be packed away in a cupboard when not in use, but we love the look of ours so its always out on the side for all to see.

Matt Healy (Masterchef the Professionals) – Presenter/Executive Chef of Cranble, London

“I happily recommend the Clifton water bath for any budding home chefs.”

“My Clifton at Home water bath has greatly enriched my [formerly limited] cooking repertoire. It is incredibly user friendly / reliable and has given me the confidence to try cooking foods I once thought reserved for restaurants with surprisingly impressive results. I happily recommend the Clifton water bath for any budding home chefs.”

Richard Stroud, London


“If this brand was good enough for professionals then it was perfect for me.”

“Having seen various TV chefs use the Sous Vide cooking method I looked for a home use version. I found professional ones were made by Nickel-Electro, so enquired if they produced one for keen amateurs. I also searched the web to see what else was available. There seemed to be various products all manufactured in the Far East with very variable reviews. Common problems seemed to be dripping lids and incomplete immersion of the bags. These issues are addressed by the Clifton at Home Sous Vide bath and it is made in England. So if this brand was good enough for the professionals, then it was perfect for me. I have been very impressed with the robust construction, the design and the ease of use. It looks like the professional version and has pride of place in my kitchen.”

Phil Tomlinson, Stafford


“I love the Clifton at Home water bath and it is changing the way I cook.”

“I Love the Clifton at Home water bath and it is changing the way I cook. The biggest compliment I can give is its taking a lot of stress out of cooking; you want perfectly ‘dippable’ soft boiled eggs? I can nail that, even if the phone rings. You want rare steak which pulls apart in your hands? I can do that. Additionally with kids running around, Instagram selfies to take, it means the food can be left without spoiling.

I can put multiple eggs in the bath, give my kids eggs and soldiers exactly when the toast pops up and then my wife can have an egg an hour later and its still the same – soft and runny.”

Allan Kendall, Weston-super-Mare


“It sits there quietly cooking your food for you!”

“I have been using a water bath for about the last 8 years.  My first was a re-circulating bath which clipped on to a gastronorm tank.  This was something that was cheap, got off EBay and started me experimenting.  I eventually gave it away to a chef at a local pub as I had found my first real water bath via an industrial on-line auction site.  It was a laboratory water bath by Nickel-Electro.  This was an unstirred bath which I could actually use in my kitchen.  It lasted me 2 years before it needed repairing but alas it was beyond repair.  It was quite old and had only cost me £25 so very little was lost.  The lovely people at Nickel Electro offered me a new Clifton Digital Bath.  I have been using it now for close to 2 years.

I have always been amazed at what some chefs are able to produce.  Having eaten at their restaurants and chatted to several chefs including Martin Burge (Whatley Manor), James Sommerin (Restaurant James Sommerin) and Jake Watkins (JSW), I knew they used water baths for precise control of temperature.  I also managed to get some cooking times & tips on preparation which fired my enthusiasm even more.

Useful texts to read range from cheap and cheerful (Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter) to expensive reference books (Under Pressure by Thomas Keller & Sous Vide Cuisine by Joan Roca).  There are an increasing number of books plus numerous blogs and web-sites dedicated to Sous Vide.

So how do I use it?  Firstly, it is not a replacement way of cooking.  It should be considered alongside conventional ways.  It can also be used as an adjunct.  A good example of the latter is butterfly leg of lamb for the BBQ.  Vacuum seal the lamb with what ever you want – rosemary, thyme, garlic etc – and put it in the bath.  The important thing to realise is that once the temperature is set, it will not overcook.  Clearly as the meat is exposed to heat for a prolonged period it will change in character as the protein breaks down but it will still be pink.  I do my butterfly legs for between 52 and 54 degrees for between 6 to 8 hours.  When ready to go (for family or friends), the piece of meat can be cooked on the BBQ for between 15 to 20 minutes until the outside is nicely char grilled.  The pre-cooking means the lamb is still pink but the outside is crisp giving the contrast in textures as well as flavours.

Steaks (or any meat that you are searing) are also a good example.  Get the temperature up to 52 degrees for a couple of hours then sear the outside before serving (in the pan or with a blowtorch).  This works with pork (a bit hotter – 56 to 58 for fillet), lamb canon (54) and fish (generally 48 to 50).  You can then experiment with searing and then the bath (a process called the Maillard reaction).  I would also recommend doing some research on temperatures required to pasteurise.

My Clifton Water Bath is from the professional range.  It is the size of a large bread bin, stainless steel and weights quite a lot when full of water!  It does have a tap so I would advise getting a length of rubber hose to allow it to be drained into the sink.  It is easy to use and is silent.  It sits there quietly cooking your food for you!  Clifton sent me one of their new ‘At Home’ range which I have to say is easier to use & comes in a selection of colours.  It was slightly smaller (smaller bread bin size) but has an easy to use touch screen.  Just set the temperature & time and off you go.”

Tony Willman, Wiltshire


“The Clifton at Home water bath has opened up a whole new world of culinary delights”

The Clifton at Home water bath has opened up a whole new world of culinary delights for me to try on my family and friends. The bath is a real delight to use, with simple controls and a stylish finish and I’m pleased to say that even as a novice cook I am producing some truly amazing dishes packed with flavour.

Adi Day, Cheddar


“The water bath is easy to programme and a delight to use”

After 4 months of using the Clifton ‘at home’ water bath I can honestly say it is by far the best method of cooking meat, fish & vegetables I have ever used, meat is tender and succulent, vegetables packed full of flavour. The water bath is easy to programme and a delight to use with a constant display of the temperature & cooking time. What seemed to be a ‘professional chef only’ method of cooking is actually simple, fuss free and ensures superb results every time. Many thanks to all at Clifton for an amazing addition to my kitchen & revived taste buds!

Jane Tluba, Weston–super-Mare


“Any enthusiastic home cook… should have a Clifton at Home in their kitchen”

As a former winner of South West Chef of the Year, a food judge and a curator of all things food, then sous vide was the way for me to go and perfect my food, every time! Clifton at Home is British and made in the South West. The product is made with British engineering precision and the Clifton team are passionate about what they do – handmade using traditional skills. That passion and skills now sits proudly in my kitchen. Colourful, tactile and practical! This takes my cooking to the next level… 48 hour sous vide brisket has to be tasted, for an ultimate sous vide experience.

I am now two months into my new culinary journey into the world of sous vide. Being a home cook enthusiast I am always looking for new ways to cook at home and try new ways of cooking.
When I heard Clifton Sous Vide were bringing out a Clifton at Home range I had to look into this further. I had seen the technique of sous vide more and more on television, but never expected to be able to have one at home – my pan, a plastic bag and a thermometer were never quite hitting the mark.

Putting to one side how great the Clifton at Home range looks, in its range of colours to match any kitchen, it is so simple to use. Fill with water, set the temperature, wait for it to heat up, put the food in the bag and seal; set the temperature and off you go. It is that simple!

Clifton at Home have some great recipes online and before you know it you will making the most perfect poached eggs, the best succulent steak, flaky fish and marvelous roast meats.

Sous vide opens up a whole new world of cooking and helps to understand temperature and time for perfection every meal. Any enthusiastic home cook who wants to take their food to a new level, should have a Clifton at Home in their kitchen.

Steve Ashworth, Somerset