About us

Clifton at Home is the new brand of home sous vide machines, brought to you by professional sous vide technologists, Clifton Food Range.

How it all started

We’re a family owned, family run British manufacturer with our beginnings in precision temperature control technology for science laboratories. Our skilled workforce manufacture the water baths in our factory based in South West England, using the highest quality materials.

Here we control the entire production process from design to manufacture. We can therefore guarantee that our products are of the highest standards.

A passion for food

At Clifton, we’re passionate about sharing the sous vide experience. We believe everyone has the potential to be a world class chef and we’re committed to developing the tools to help you create a gastronomic experience in your home kitchen. We say out with the microwave meals, and in with the sous vide!

Precision-engineered products

We have over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing equipment for the scientific market, as well as producing highly accurate temperature control equipment. When professional chefs told us they had started using our laboratory equipment in their pursuit of culinary excellence, we designed a robust water bath suitable for the kitchen.

Clifton baths are in use in the most acclaimed kitchens worldwide and chefs regularly refer to them as ‘Cliftons’.

The Clifton at Home Sous Vide water oven

Sous vide at home

Thanks to the increasing popularity of sous vide cooking among chefs, more and more people are recognising the health, texture and taste benefits of cooking food in a water bath. Growing demand for sous vide equipment for the home led us to developing an appliance for the domestic market.

We offer a range of sous vide tools for home use, with a starter pack for first-time users which includes a water bath and vacuum pack machine. Visit our online shop >>

Our sous vide water baths provide unparalleled temperature accuracy and have been put to the test by some of the world’s greatest chefs – so you can be sure of a quality product and consistently good results.

A Clifton sous vide water bath in creamWhy buy a sous vide water bath from Clifton at Home?

  • Independent British manufacturer with over 70 years’ experience
  • Products developed over many years with input from professional chefs
  • Superb quality materials
  • All parts made in-house in South West England
  • Continuous investment in the latest technology
  • Innovative new products and designs
  • A strong, loyal and multi-skilled workforce